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Cap'n Mike's San Francisco Style Lox Sandwiches™
A Ferry Plaza Farmers Market original. Philly has its Cheesesteak, New York does the bagel thing. Now San Francisco has its own signature sandwich!

San Francisco Style Red Lox Sandwich  ~~  $12.00
San Francisco Style Red Lox Sandwich
Served open faced on fresh Acme Sourdough with our very own Cream Cheese, lightly pickled Red Onion, and a fat slice of Heirloom Tomato or other seasonal toppings like cucumber or lemon & capers, shaved fennel & roasted red peppers. A sprinkle of Eatwell Farm Lavender Salt is optional. Most ingredients are sourced from sellers at the farmers market -- Acme Bread, Everything Under the Sun, Dirty Girl, Lucero, Happy Quail, Hamada, Tory Farms and others.
We also serve our stellar homemade soups & salads and our very special iced Hopi Tea. Available every Saturday at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. In GQ Magazine's “Ten Best Breakfasts in America” article, they said we may be “.. the finest breakfast sandwich on the planet.”.
We’ve been reviewed and blogged about and photographed in so many good ways by so many people, Yelp loves us.

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